Glide Desk

Height Adjustable Desk: Sit Or Stand? The Adjustable workstation allows you to find that needed healthy balance between sitting and standing throughout the day.

Light Weight: The table can be moved easily from place to place, wherever you feel the need to use it.

Adjustable Height: Choose the right height for yourself from 15 inches(38cm) to 24 inches(61cm) and enjoy ultimate comfort, standing or sitting, while using the Glide Desk.

Encourages a Healthy Posture: The structure is designed according to human ergonomics and encourages a healthy posture while sitting as well as standing!

Affordable Solution: It is an affordable solution to enable you to work at your preferred height and in your preferred position.

Easily Assembled: To assemble, just open the standing table box and let the keyboard holder fix into the second panel below and lock it with the screw.