Our Story


Thank you for taking the time to discover Glide Signs! 

Hello, my name is Sue and together with my husband Dan, we are the owners and designers of Glide Signs.

Every idea usually starts with a problem. Mine started when my three boys kept putting dirty dishes into the clean dishwasher. It was so frustrating!

I went searching online for answers and found cheap, plastic signs that were huge and scratched the dishwasher – gee, they were UGLY! I found round, rubber discs that spin but they didn’t suit my designer kitchen. Others had to be pulled off and turned upside down every time I went to use them - what a pain that was! Some were just too weird with flip sides. I didn’t like the look of those either. And as much as I love dogs, I've never been a fan of products covered with pictures of dirty and clean animals.

Unhappy with all the choices, I got Dan onto the problem.
I wanted Dan to design a product that could fulfil the things that I needed:

  • not scratch and damage my dishwasher
  • look elegant in my designer kitchen and compliment my stainless steel appliances
  • stay attached to my dishwasher and not slide off
  • 100% water proof so that it could be easily cleaned
  • the sign had to be discreet and effective
  • easy to use and decipher if it is clean or dirty for young or old users
  • to be used on all dishwashers

 But, if we were going to do this, we had to make it our priority to use high quality materials.

Dan spent many hours designing and developing prototypes, until he came up with the perfect solution.

 And Glide Signs was born.

We were so happy with the dishwasher sign; we knew it would help solve many family and office disputes!
We then went into manufacture to share the solution.

Thank you for supporting our family business.

We know that you will enjoy your Glide Sign.

Take Care

Sue and Dan