How to delegate office chores efficiently?

April 11, 2017

How to delegate office chores efficiently?

When it comes to start-up businesses and small scale companies they often fall short on liberties relating to office chores. No matter how trivial they may seem, if ignored, office chores could really turn into a frustrating mess. So instead of putting off jobs likes cleaning garbage cans, washing dishes or maintenance tasks it is better to attend to them at your earliest convenience to keep things up and running at all times.

Moreover, getting a paid worker to attend to office chores might seem lucrative and convenient but costs are high these days. Maintenance workers might help to keep the office squeaky clean but at the expense of substantial salary cut-offs. So self-management of tasks is the most feasible way to go.

Clean up on an individual basis

What most people ignore is the importance of cleaning up their own mess. This will help a lot in getting things done quickly and efficiently.  Plus if you clean up daily there are minimal chances of office chores piling up. Clear off stale items and leftovers weekly from the refrigerator and dispose the garbage daily without fail. Organize your items of personal use and strive to keep your workspace orderly. This will take care of half of the workload.

Efficient Dishwashing

Washing dishes might sound dreadful but nonetheless it should be done. After all there is nothing more repulsive than a dirty pile of undone dishes. Another great solution is to use a Glide Sign Dishwasher Magnet. This is a magnetic dishwasher sign that alerts people whether the dishes are clean or dirty. Not only will this take the guess work out the dishwashing task but will prevent lazy co-workers from making excuses to get out of cleaning dishes. The alert sign will tell people exactly what the dishwashing status is and when they need to chip in.

Work out a rotation schedule

Once the small tasks like dishwashing are taken care of thanks to Glide Signs, attention should be diverted to more demanding and time consuming chores. With the difficult and ever pending tasks like vacuuming the hallway and cleaning the bathroom it's important to work out a tight rotation schedule to divide these tasks efficiently. It’s an old school technique but works all the time provided the office staff sticks to the routine. Plus it makes the whole task of attending to office chores fair and square. All the colleagues’ clock in equal amount of time and everybody is made accountable for slacking on cleaning duties. An office cleaning checklist also aids to keep track of the pending chores that need prompt attention.

Use an office chores delegation app

For having a more advanced and digitised approach towards office task management tasks. A lot of schedule building apps are available online which help co-workers distribute tasks and automatically assign duties periodically. Moreover they now come with the option of notifications which reminds each member of the particular time and date slot to keep the tasks in order without causing much strain.  Once each task is completed the app checks it off from the inbuilt office cleaning checklist.